Considering collaborating with us for a project or joining our team? Below are snippets of some our past projects 


Growth Strategy

Industry: Hospitality


A client was looking to expand their franchising businesses in British Columbia and needed help with determining the top cities to enter. The ask was for Incuber to conduct a feasibility study for over 40 cities and develop a financial forecast. The purpose of this feasibility study was to build a business plan that could be used for  business loan applications.  

Our Approach: We developed a criteria framework with both qualitative and quantitative measures to compare cities. Then, we conducted qualitative market research (e.g. public transit access and competitive landscape) and built a financial model based on market sizing and cost estimations for each city. Each city was profiled based on financial returns and long term sustainability. We recommended the top 3 cities with projected annual sales of over $2.5 million.   

Retail Innovation 

Industry: Retail

Context: An online shoe store was looking to launch its first retail location in Toronto. Incuber was tasked to identify the top trends for digital-native companies looking to enter physical retail. The purpose of this research was to understand the concept of experiential retail with omnichannel technologies as its focus.

Our Approach: We identified comparable companies which started digital and moved physical (e.g. Warby Parker, Allbirds) to use as a starting point for the ideation process. We then identified 12 key trends in omnichannel retail, provided suggested vendors and found leading examples on how these trends were taking shape in retail.


Market Assessment

Industry: Technology 

Context: Our client was looking to launch an AI solution to provide clean water to small and Indigenous communities. The client needed to know if there was a market for such as product and if it would be a profitable venture. Incuber was brought in to conduct research into the market and identify where it should focus its efforts.

Our Approach: Our team examined the developments of the regulatory landscape, researched academic literature to identify the advances in the field and contacted both municipal governments and Indigenous communities to understand current processes.