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Your responsibilities would include:

  • Interviewing client employees to understand existing processes and technologies

  • Analyzing processes to identify areas of improvement

  • Researching best practices and tech solutions to bridge current and future states of the business

  • Performing cost-benefit analyses on proposed changes and recommendations

  • Developing training materials to transition employees onto new tools and processes

  • Providing support to client employees when using new tools and processes

  • Creating proposals for prospective clients

The successful candidate would be:

  • A current student at any university in Canada. Students from any faculty/year are welcome

  • Available between 5 to 10 hours per week (project dependent)

  • Familiar with either Microsoft Office, Google Suite, or similar tools

  • Willing to learn new skills as needed


Growth Questions

At Incuber, we want to create an experience where each member will leave closer to their professional goals than when they first arrived. We're asking these questions to learn more about who you are, what drives you and how we can help you get where you want to go.

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